HPA is America’s premier valet parking, transportation and parking management providers, offering an array of services for your hospitality needs. Our growth has been fueled by our outstanding performance, rather than by acquisition. Our success is fueled by producing results for you, our client.

At HPA, the status quo will never suffice. Luxury service begins with our superior personnel who are dedicated to providing our clients with the leading expertise in the hospitality experience.


HPA has systematically developed and designed a five-star quality training and development model to distinguish the unique level of service required in the hospitality industry. We use these processes to assist clients in delivering a unique, memorable and personable experiences while allowing them to remain focused on their business.

At HPA, we are completely hands on and believe that the key to a successful client relationship is providing leading service options while maintaining reliability. At HPA, people are its passion, which directly contributes to a dealership’s ongoing success.


At HPA, providing legendary five-star service to our guests is our highest mission. We pledge to make every interaction with our guests a warm and memorable experience by providing care and comfort with the finest in personal service.


Tarik Ameqrane brings over 17 years of operational experience in the hospitality industry, with a strong commitment to customer service. Tarik Ameqrane’s passion to be the best parking operator is exemplified by his dedication and leadership toward HPA on a daily basis.

As President, Tarik Ameqrane is responsible for administrating, directing, managing and planning for the overall operations of the business.  His focus is on meeting and exceeding client expectations and maintaining client relationships.

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