Customer satisfaction is a top focus for Office & Residential Properties and their tenants.  These properties are rapidly expanding their available services to increase overall customer satisfaction and to better compete in the demanding consumer driven real estate market.

A new trend has emerged in the real estate industry, “real estate hospitality”.  Luxurious Office & Residential Properties are starting to look and act like a full-service hotels.

Luxurious Office & Residential Properties of the future are placing greater emphasis on Customer satisfaction through improved service-oriented cultures.  This new look and feel for luxurious Office & Residential Properties is a desire to create environments that offer tenants a sense of hospitality.

We believe valet parking for Office and Residential properties can and should be “stress-free”. Customers drop off their vehicle at the valet kiosk. Our highly-trained parking staff collects the customers’ keys, their visiting information and provides them with directions. Upon the customer’s return, they can call ahead and find their vehicle is waiting for them where it was left, at the front door of the facility; truly, “stress-free” parking.


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